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What We Do

Creative Responsibilities


We’ve been providing this service and supporting video storytelling projects for a wide range of clients since 2000. We employ a collaborative production process in order to develop a final product we are proud of. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our team and get the chance to learn more about our Animation work.


Title Sequences

Are you looking for a way to bring your ideas to life? This specialty service is provided by our talented team and customized to the specific needs of each our clients’ projects, allowing us to take their vision from concept to reality. Contact the professionals at Envisioned studio to learn more.

Editing a Movie


This is one of the most popular services we provide for our clients. Our VFX work is flexible and can be customized to fit your needs, whether it’s for film, TV, commercials, or apps. We’ve worked on many challenging projects, and have the experience to take your production to the next level.

Video Editing
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